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The Terrors to The Future Generation


Time is a beautiful thing. Be it the change from day to night or from one
generation to another, we can always see updating. The most recent
update that we shall talk about today is our lead generation. We are
completely different from our parents. We are faster, more competitive,
and honestly a lot smarter than our ancestors.

But is it all? Is being faster a problem or being more competitive? The
actual problem does not lie in these. The actual problem is we without
intelligence and wits try to overdo our parents and challenge them in
everything which may not be needed that much as well.


Besides all the good qualities of our generation, there are a lot worse
qualities like we are stubborn, we are not scared of our parents at all
which in a way is good but this leads to disrespect in maximum cases,
we do not value our own culture blaming it to be superstitious rituals, we
are running behind science leaving forgetting that sometimes the
emotions behind it matter more than logic and we do not care.

Our generation shows more love over social media than in the real
world. On mothers’ day there are pictures with mothers all over social
media but what about the other days of the year when we shout and
fight unnecessarily over petty issues! never do we ever think about
these. We just are stuck in a weird competition of showing people how
happy we are even though, in reality, we might not be.


Nowadays even breakfast, lunch or dinner does not seem families
talking to each other. This is something we should be ashamed of
actually. More than being the leading minds of the future we are the
terror with a disclaimer to how worse our next generation can be.
The only thing we talk about is progress but are all these mannerless
behavior worth the pain we give to our parents? It’s high time that we
ask this question us!


Being witty is good but valuing our roots is also equally beautiful. If we
sit and listen to the stupid stories that our grandmoms have in store for
us, we do not become any less modern. In this world of proving to
everyone that we are the best, I believe that being ourselves and having
a soft corner towards our values and rituals is the sweetest gesture of