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Games That Helped Me Cope With Quarantine

2020 wasn’t really very good enough for most of the people but some have you all cope up and went through that tough year. We have learned a lot from this year and most importantly during this whole lockdown and we being quarantined to the homes we have learned to enjoy our own company.

The most important thing that helps us to go through this year is our Smartphone and video games. Most of us who are really crazy about video games and any games this was the year is spend most of the time on our console and our smartphone.


As some games help us to go through with this year we decided to write down some of the games that really e was great and we are thankful for all those games. Here are some games that I guess we all played during this Quarantine period

Games That Helped Me Cope With Quarantine

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Among us (Quarantine games)

This game was launched in 2015 and now this is talk of the town game. I believe most of us is an imposter. In 2020 this game help us out a lot to just connect with our friends and have some great and fun time with them without worrying about when the spending will get over and when we will go and have fun to get in some club or Cafe.

This game has been played a lot recently in this year. also, you can see so many YouTubers streaming this game for straight 2 hours. So, Easily this game was one of the most popular games during this lockdown.

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The game is created by warner bris entertainment. This game helps us to know and connect with people and our friends. If you still want to know more about and connect with your friends and the amazing way this came can help you out. You know a lot about my friends by this game and I really thankful for that.

Great thanks to this game who help us out. This game is available on IOS and Android for free. You can download it and have some fun cool chilling time with your friends or family or anyone. So go to the Play Store and download it and have some light and fun time.

Houseparty (Quarantine games)

In this game, you can connect with your family or friends and can have a virtual house party. Some of us do believe that virtual thing isn’t their thing but in this cloud on period, we have realized that so many things can go virtual and can be a little fun. So house parties can be virtual and you can have that amazing time with your friends or cousins.

Games That Helped Me Cope With Quarantine

The game is available on both IOS and Android for free. So if you are still can’t meet some people were living away from you you can have a chill and fun time with them on this app. You can play lots of games hair and pass your time knowing people more.


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Call of duty

This was also the game that has been most played during this Quarantine period and people in this game a lot. This game is also available for Android and IOS for free so if you are more a person who plays Pubg this is the kind of game that you would like to play.

You can download this game and connect with your friends or anyone from the world, play, and can have a good time.


Hair we have listed down all the Quarantine games that you must have played during this period and can have a little fun while going through tough times. The lockdown period was a little tough but somehow we all manage to go through with it and most importantly at thinking we all should thank all these games and social media for making it a little less tough.

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