All of us have to wait a bit to play Elder Scrolls 6. But one thing is for sure that we should be happy that, Elder Scrolls is Happening. The best things always take time to come. We are definitely going to get the best.

The games news was confirmed in 2018 by Bethesda, but the topic was not much discussed after that.  Despite the game is bought by Microsoft for $7.5 million last year, so does this mean that the PS5 players will miss playing the awesome sequel. But we have some good news that Bethesda confirmed that there will be some exclusive content for Xbox players.

No doubt those exclusive marks will be there for both PC and Xbox, but we are not sure about it yet. It is going to be a long wait for all the fans to play the game. The Elder Scroll V was definitely a huge success financially.  It was spread across PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox, and even virtually.

There is not much information that is available about the game as of now. There are various rumors and speculation going about the game. So here is what we heard about the game. Dive in to know all the latest updates and speculations about your favorite game.

Release Date: The Elder Scroll 6

 Bethesda Game studio is had made an official announcement about the Elder Scroll 6 is under development. All the five installments of the game have been hilarious. But as the studio is about release Starfield this year.


The chances of the Elder Scroll 6 goes down. One more reason that has delayed the game is the global pandemic. This adds up to the delay in the release of the game.  The game is definitely going to take another few years until it is actually released in the market.

The boss Todd Howard of Bethesda said in E3 2019, “ everyone should be very patient” Later in the year ahead at E3 2020 got canceled. The only chance of us getting the snippets of the Elder Scroll got ruined. But if we make a random guess, there are chances that The Elder Scroll 6 could be released in 2022.

Trailer: The Elder Scroll 6

The announcement trailer of The Elder Scroll 6 was a very short clip. There was not much information about the game which was revealed. There were only a few basic details that could be seen in the trailer. Also, the music which was used in the trailer was familiar from the previous Elder Scroll games.

Despite there was very little information that was available in the trailer. It was successful in getting the fans excited about the upcoming Elder Scroll. How can one forget the trailers of Skyrim and the hype among the fans about it.

Location : The Elder Scroll 6

Where can be the game possibly located this time? All the games until now have been located in the mythical continent of Tamriel. The past few games were located in specific countries of the continent. Like The Elder Scroll 3 was located in Morrowind, The Elder Scroll 4 was located in Cyrodill.

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Each part of the continent is been used in the previous games. But there are a few which are still left undiscovered. Those are Black Marsh or Nations of Valenwood, Argonians, and Homes of Wood Elves. But the trailer included mountains, one could guess the location. The game could be located in the Black Rock, which is the home of the magic centric Bretons. Or the possible location could be the land of warrior-like Redguard or also Hammerfall.

There are also chances that the game could travel through all the parts of Continent Tamriel. And maybe that could be a possible reason why it is named The Elder Scroll 6.

Feature and Gameplay: The Elder Scroll 6

With the very little information in the trailer. The creators have kept us guessing about the gameplay of the game. Will the gameplay be the same as Skyrim or it just shares some core gaming elements. We could just that Bethesda would compile and make a good storyline.  There are also chances that the game could be an open one. That would mean we don’t have to follow the main story. And can instead go anywhere and create your own story.

There are also chances that the game might have some new features. The homebuilding feature can be one of the features that can be available in the game. Another new feature will that the player can adapt to the Wilderness. In the new game, stories of each character would be revealed.

All these are just random speculation about the game. To know what actually happens and what are we going to experience will be all seen when the game will release. All the further announcements about the game would be made soon.