Free Text Message App (Latest 2019-20)

Introducing Free Text Message app In A New Light

Hello, friends lets discuss the free text message app, Basically, for choosing the foremost effective thanks to communicate is crucial to the business of obtaining things done. these days we have a tendency to area unit inundated with messages from all totally different varieties of communication, together with email, electronic messaging apps, snail mail, social media, telecommerce, and more. the advantages of text electronic messaging area unit onerous to ignore, and plenty of organizations area unit selecting this straightforward and effective thanks to communicate.

Since texting has such an essential role in our daily lives to communicate with others or for any other important purpose, hence we have to take a deeper look into this topic.

Let us see why these text messages are considered over other modes of communication.

According to some studies and comparisons, it takes 90 minutes for an average person to respond to an email whereas it takes only 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. If what you’re communication is time-sensitive, then you wish to make sure your audience gets the message.

This means that text messaging is one of the time-saving methods as well.

Text messaging doesn’t require a smartphone and there is no need to download anything, unlike all messaging apps. This means a person no matter whichever phone he/she is using can use test messaging.


There are many apps through which people text each other such as what’s an app but such apps will be needing an internet connection. If we are in an emergency and want to pass a message immediately but we do not have an internet connection at that particular place then it’s going to be really tough. Text messaging doesn’t require any Internet access if even you’re out of range, you can still receive a text.

The average open rate for an email is in a range of 15-22 %, whereas the open rates for text messaging are 98% and most of the messages are read within 15 minutes of receiving them.

Most smartphone and tablet owners communicate regularly via text. But with telephone carriers charging $20 to $30 per month for a vast text arrange, keeping in contact with text electronic communication will get pricey.

So this is an issue we have to think about so after so much research we have found this extraordinary solution to our problem that is free texting apps.

Things You Should Know Before Digging Into About Free Texting App

Textfree can turn your desktop, tablet or other Android devices into a phone that can send text plus phone calls for free.

Now, these text free apps will allow us to text for free that is we won’t be charged for sending messages.

Some of the apps that let us the text for free are:

1. IMO


More than just your basic free texting service, IMO allows you to message friends and family.

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It also allows users to send emoticons, photos, videos, and voice messages for free. Noted features include group chats, push notifications, and voice calling, which Android users can utilize.

It is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia.

2. KaKao Talk

KaKao Talk

Kakao talk is a free app that lets you call and text anywhere at any time for free. All you need is a phone number. Not solely will it support twelve totally different languages, however, it offers fun various communication choices like funny voice filters throughout phone calls, animated emoticons, and a link setting. Sending photos and videos is also included in this app.

It is available on OS, Android, BlackBerry, Bada, and Windows.

3. WeChat


Wechat not only provides free texting but includes multimedia features like voice messaging. Users even have access to a “look around” feature that lets them see if anyone close by is also on the app.

It is available on iPhone, Android, Windows phones, and Symbian platforms.

Finally, some of the best texting apps which have been mostly used by people nowadays are:

What’s an app for a balance among features, security, and convenience

Viber for public group chats

Telegram for speed

Signal for simplicity

Wickr me for security

Facebook messenger for doing more than only just chatting

Tox for a decentralized chat service.

To conclude we have understood that free texting app has a very important role to play in our lives, where we find it difficult to keep in touch with our friends and family who stay far away from us.

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We have to consider a few points before using a text free app to check if it is appropriate to use or no.

The most basic requirement is that if all the apps are able to send text and multimedia messages in the form of photos and videos to an individual or group conversation. The messages must also be free to send.

As we all know that there are plenty of free texting apps designed for Android tablets and smartphones that allow text lovers to message for free without increasing their carrier rates.

Hence free texting apps have made our lives easier and comfortable to live.

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