Free Fire Hack APK : No recoil | Autoaim | Many More | Mod 2020

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale  Online Multiplayer Game, developed by 111 Dots Studios and it had been published by Garena for iOS and Android. It was the most downloaded game in the year 2019. Let’s get back to the main topic i.e. Free Fire Hack APK. Yes, the mod we are providing is working fine tested by me without using any virtual space or VPN, no need to root your device to use this Hack. This Free Fire Modded apk hack is 100% free and 99% safe. Although a 1% chance of getting ban so firstly play in Fake ID and after that if you think it is safe then use your original ID.

If we talk about the Free Fire hack apk then we have many advantages like No Ban issue, no need of virtual, no script required, no VPN, no-host, no need to root your device, unlimited free diamonds hack, and many more advantages of Free Fire Mod apk hack.

We have added two methods so if one method does not work for you then you can try our new second working method of free fire hack.



Advantages of Free Fire Hack Apk [Mod]:

There are many advantages of Free fire mod hack apk as after using this hack you’ll destroy all the servers. You will have many advantages because you know the position of the player you can defeat your enemy easily if you are having a 1v1 fight. So lets about the main advantages of Free Fire Mod Hack Apk

Some Main Advantages of Free Fire Mod Hack Apk August 2020

  • No Vpn needed
  • No Host Required
  • No Virtual Space needed
  • No, any script
  • No ban ID issue
  • No Root Required
  • No need to clear data every time
  • Original OBB
  • No GG


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             Features of Free Fire Hack Apk :

If we talk about features of Free Fire Hack Apk then it is having a lot of exciting features. This hack that I am providing is for Free Fire and it is having a lot of features like wallhack mod, ghost mod, no recoil, auto headshot, etc.

  • Ghost Mode :

You can activate ghost mode from Free Fire Hack and become invisible. Now you can not see you but you can see your enemy very clearly. So take the advantage and destroy your enemy without letting knowing your enemy from where you are killing. So it will be fun.

  • Wall Hack Stone :

Wall Hack as the name, by activating this hack from Free Fire Hack August 2020 you can kill your from behind the wall. Even if the enemy is in cover you can kill the enemy.

  • No Recoil :

No Recoil means zero recoil of your gun. If you’re having trouble in controlling the recoil of your then you’ll Activate this hack from Free Fire Hack Apk and after activating this hack your gun recoil becomes zero.

  • Auto Aim :

Auto Aim means your aim towards the enemy will automatically move. This hack is very useful when the whole squad rushes you and your aim disbalance because of nervousness. So you’ll activate this hack too from our Free Fire Hack Apk August 2020

  • Aim Lock :

This hack is activated when you enable the Auto-aim hack then you should also enable this aim lock hack too otherwise when your enemy’s HP gets low then the aim will be automatically moved towards other enemies without knocking him down.

  • No Shake Scope :

No Shake Scope means while you are taking long-distance fight enemies with AR then you might be having a problem of shaking the scope when you fire on scope mode. So activating this hack from Free Fire Mod apk hack you’ll disable shaking of Scope.

  • No Tree, No Grass, No Fog :

You can disable the trees, grass, and fog from the Free Fire Mod Hack Apk. By disabling these effects you can identify your enemy very easily.

  • Car Fly :

Car fly option added in the Free Fire Mod Hack apk you can use and activate this hack to fly your car and surprise your enemies.

  • Speed Car :

Increase the speed of the car option added in the Free Fire mod Hack Apk. You can increase the speed of the car as fast as possible.

  • Speed Run :

Speed Run is additionally added within the free fire hack mod version. You can increase your running speed to move fast by activating free fire hack.

  • Night Mode :

Night Mode is added in the Free Fire hack Mod apk August 2020. You can activate this option to activate the night mode.

  • Aimbot

This Free Fire Hack support aimbot so your aim will automatically move towards your enemy. This will help you in aiming your enemy and you can easily do clutch against your enemy squad and can become like a pro player:v

  • Enemy Location:-

You can track your enemy location from distance faraway from your enemy using this amazing free fire hack. Also, you can track your enemy location with enemy names too.

How to Use this New Free Fire Hack August 2020:-

  • First of all download and install the Free Fire Hack mod apk from here 
  • Now download Fake IMEI generator from here
  • After installing the Free Fire Hack apk and IMEI generator follow the below step
  • Go to the file manager and copy your free fire OBB file from Android > obb and paste it to a different location.
  • Now uninstall Free Fire original and install the free fire hack that you simply have downloaded in previous steps.
  • Now open the fake IMEI generator and update the IMEI
  • Now open Free Fire Hack app that you simply simply have installed and activate the hacks that you want.
  • That’s it 🙂