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Few Home Workouts That Will Mix Up Your Exercise Routine

After spending so many months at home when your father has some home workouts but as of now that we can go out and gym and exercise we can make these two things up in can have something good for our health.

All those home workouts can make up for your exercise routine and this can be a really fun exercise routine for you. Even if you want to stay at home and work out you can do these things and we want to go out you can enjoy your exercise with all these routines.


Focus on improving your strength

Focus on improving our strength is something that we all need to prioritize. Don’t focus on becoming something more muscular or more something that fit in society. Just try to improve your strength and how much better you can do. Don’t compare yourself with other people and how much other people are saying about you anything, that does not matter and will never.

So, if you are putting up a 50 kg dumbbell today try 100 kg another day. Try to improve your strength and this is something that you should be focusing on. If you keep doing this and focus more on improving your strength you will see some good results in a few months and you will be happy with that.

Add a variety of exercises

Don’t just do one kind of exercise. Don’t just fix one exercise that will help you improve and strength and that kind of muscles and body but if you focus on different exercises and different parts of your body and this will really help you grow overall. Like if you are doing just push-ups that will only strengthen your arms.

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If you bought a different kind of exercise in your exercise routine it will help you build up body ana overall growth. If you are doing push-ups try doing pull-ups and also try doing treadmill mix up all these varieties of exercise in your routine that will help you grow and each part of your body will strengthen and improve rather than just one.

There is a routine that you can add to your daily workout that can help you grow overall:-

  1. Increase the number of sets or reps 
  2. Increase the duration 
  3. Decrease the rest between exercises
  4. Increase the resistance 
  5. Change the resistance (body-weight, kettlebell, medicine ball, etc)
  6. Pause at the top or bottom of exercise
  7. Slow down or speed up the motion
  8. Add 1.5 rep (down, half way up, down, all the way up) shown below

Join a group of classes

Many things are open now like gym and Zumba classes. So you can go and check these out it will help you not just have some physical workout it will also help you to socialize a little bit. After staying at home for months many of us feel like they are lagging in their Social Skill, joining some classes can help you out in improving this.

This will help you a lot in your Social Skill and also you will make some friends by which you can also do to work out even after classes. There are few things that I recommend you to do.

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