FB Login Facebook – How to Create a Fb Account?

About Fb Login Facebook Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

Everyone on Facebook today, whose public can connect with each other, in today’s era, everyone is public through online medium,
But even today we have some people who are entirely unfamiliar with Facebook and some people do not even know how to use Facebook Messenger and how to run it and what are the features of Facebook.

Do you know what Facebook is? 

There is hardly any online user who has not heard Facebook’s name before. Many of us are Facebook users for many years, but even today there are people for whom this platform is completely new and unfamiliar. So it is important that they should be told about what is Facebook, what are its main features so that they can use it properly.

It is essential to know how Facebook works. Well, the simple answer is that its working is very simple which any user can understand. Any user who has a Facebook account can voluntarily connect with any user and can share content with them. In this, “Friend request” is sent by the user and which is later accepted by the receiver (recipient user). It is like an invitation. It is a double-side feature that provides this opportunity to all the users so that they can accept or request a friend request if they want…
Facebook is an American online social networking company based in California. This Facebook was launched on 4 February 2004. When its popularity increased, it was renamed as Facebook in 2005. It is a free social networking service used on the internet.

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First let us tell you that Facebook account and Facebook ID mean the same, which are called Fb Account and Fb ID in short.

(FB login Facebook)

FB account open

For a new FB account open, first of all, you have to download Facebook’s application on your mobile. Facebook’s application is available on all platforms on Android, iOS, and Windows.

If you have an Android mobile then you can download the application of Facebook anytime by clicking on the given link. If you want, you can also create your Facebook account by visiting Facebook.

Create a New Facebook Account

fb account open

Open Facebook URL, after opening, you will see the option of Facebook login, below that there will be an option of “Create New Facebook Account”. After clicking, a new screen will appear in front of you. Click the Next button.

Enter First & Last Name.

After clicking on the Next button, you have to enter your name in First Name and your Surname in the Last Name, after entering the name then click on Next.

Enter Date Of Birth

After that, your Date of Birth will be asked after that select your Gender and Next.

Sign Up With Email Address

After this you will be asked for your mobile number, enter it if it is your Gmail ID, then you can also enter your Gmail ID by clicking on Sign Up With Email Address.

After this, you enter your new password, and click on Next, after clicking, a new screen will open, Ok in Sign Up.
Take your Facebook account is ready,

Now you put your profile photo so that people who know you can identify you, after that, you can send Friend Request to your friends and people you know and add them to your Friend List.
After creating a Facebook account, you can also see all the activities of your friends and relatives, and can also comment on them.
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how to make money from Facebook page

how to make money from facebook page

How to make money from Facebook Page

Friends, do you know that money can also be earned from Facebook? If you do not know, then you have come to the right post, how do you earn money from Facebook? Friends Facebook is a social media site. And the work of this site is to account banana chatting with friends, posting videos, photos. But 10% of the 100 people do not even know that all this money can also be earned on Facebook. Friends, if you do not know how to earn money from FB, then it is also right from one side, you can earn monthly millions from Facebook. For this, you read our post till the last.

Some important things

1. By selling Facebook page
2. Promoting Affiliate Products
3. By selling your page post
4. Even without creating a website
5. Facebook Instant Articles

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By selling Facebook page

There are many websites on the internet that need a Facebook page to increase traffic on their website. You can sell these people on your Facebook page. When your page is 1000 -10,000, you can do so. To sell, you can place an ad on your page to “sell me your page” and keep the price as per your choice. If you have a problem selling Facebook pages, then there are many such groups in Facebook itself. Which gets Facebook page sold. You search “Cell and Purchase” and fill your page’s details in that group. Many people may be ready to take your page in a few days.

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Promoting Affiliate Products

In today’s time, affiliate marketing is considered the best way to do business, you can earn a lot of money on it. In order to do affiliate marketing, you have to join a product selling company, Exam Mann’s Chale AmZon.com, which sells products online.

In this, make an account of Affiliate Marketing and get its products made, this will give you some percentage of the company. share that link on your page. Like someone taking your page’s through product just became your commission.

By selling your page Post

Every website needs more and more visitors, many such websites spend money to get traffic. So that they have more page views on their website. You can share the link of these website posts on your page. So that traffic goes to their website through your page, for this, you can make money
There are many such websites where you can earn money by sharing the website of other people on your Facebook page.

Create a website

When you have your own website, then add your articles to your page and increase the traffic of your website. The more visitors will come from your Facebook page and the clicks will be received on your website using the ads, this will result in your income.

Facebook instant articles

Facebook Instant Articles feature was launched on 12 May 2015. Initially, these features were available only on some official pages. But now it is available for all Facebook pages and anyone can do it. Previously it used to work only in iOS application, but now it has started working in all android mobile or any publisher can add it to their Facebook page. And easily earn money.

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