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FAU-G launch date revealed: New trailer gives a glimpse into the first episode

After the ban of pubg gamers are really waiting for Fau-g to launch. The ban of pubg was very devastating for some of The Gamers who literally earn by playing the game and streaming at all night. But now there is a little hope of ray for those streamers as FAU- G is launching soon.

The game is called Fauj or Fauji and Here is all the information that you need to know about this new game that will be launching super soon.


Release date of Fau-g

The game will be releasing on 26 January 2020 as it is the Republic Day of India. It is a mobile game with real scenarios. The Pre-launching of the game has been done and recently it crossed 1 million for the pre-registration. The game is getting all the attention these days as it is made by N core games and represents the Atma nirbhar Bharat.

Just after the ban of 118 Chinese apps the game quickly comes up. In THOSE 118 apps which were banned by the government of India, one was pubg so All The Gamers were dying to have another like pubg but Indians can relate with this game as it is based on real scenarios.

The trailer is out!

The first trailer of the game is out now! You can watch it on the official account of n-core games. Idhar on Twitter on YouTube you can find the first trailer of this Epic game. Pre-registration for the game is also available now and you can register yourself, if you miss pubg.

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There are some Punjabi dialogues in the game. And everything is based on Ladakh. So you can see some snow and Punjabi dialogues and the Indian Army fighting with the enemies. Akshay Kumar who decided to bring a game like this also shared the first trailer for the game. On 23 December 2020, the first pre-registration started and within 24 hours it got 1 million registrations, so if you think the game is not pretty much that hyped up, you are wrong.

Akshay Kumar shared the first trailer he wrote in the caption that whether it’s a problem on the border or within the country these brave soldiers are always standing tall. Well, none of us can’t deny that fact. The first glimpse for the game was launched during the dusherra festival, it was supposed to be launch in Nov 2020.


So the first trailer for the game is out now and those who were waiting for the game just wait for few more days. This is the game that represents the aatmnirbhar Bharat and as Indians, we all should be proud that we are taking some steps towards words make in India projects.

If you want to get yourself register for the game the registration is open and on this republic day, you can have fun with the game and feel patriotic while playing the game. This is a big step towards aatmnirbhar India for make in India projects. Many people are looking forward to this. Especially The Gamers who used to stream a lot but because of the band they can’t but now they have Forge coming soon.

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