Who will forget Walter the pup? Well, if you don’t remember him? Let’s refresh our memories. Walter got famous in 2018 for the front camera or staring meme.  This meme or photo was a close-up photo of the bull terrier. The owner of the dog posted this photo with the caption, “When u open the front-facing camera on accident.” Check out the image to refresh your memory.”

Hope this would have refreshed your memory. At some time or other in the course of time, we would have used this meme template. There were rumors which said that the dog was dead. Let’s understand in detail the rumor. Also, give it a Fact check.

The Death of Walter Rumor Explained:

The rumor pictures showed the bull terrier Walter wounded with gunshots. The rumor started as the article of CelebritiesDeaths.com posted those pictures followed with the details about the gunshot.

As the article got viral, people started posting condolence on Twitter and Instagram for the Dog. No one noticed that Walter’s name was misspelled in the photos. Many people also started commenting about the gruesome nature of the dog that was killed.

Did Walter the Dog really Die?

Fact Check: Walter the dog is not dead. He is healthy and alive with his owner. This was confirmed when the owner posted pictures of Walter. She explained the whole rumor incident in the post.

She said Nelson (Walter’s real name) was not the dog in the images. The dog seen in the image was Billy. Billy was shot in an armed robbery while protecting his owner. This robbery happened in Philadelphia. Nelson’s own also clarified that the dog Billy is also alive and fit. He is on the way to recovery. She added up by saying that Billy should be awarded for his bravery.

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The owner also said that if god forbid something happens to Walter all the updates will come over his social media account. The pup has a huge amount of followers and fans, but yet the account is not verified.  Anything else from the official account on the internet is a rumor.

In conclusion, we could say that the rumor was not true. As the owner verified that Walter was alive. Walter Dog definitely was the victim of false news in the whole rumor.

Google Trend Analysis of The Rumour

The proof on how there was a Google Trend about the rumor. This trend reached a massive number of viewers that searched about the death of Dog Walter. The trend was most seen on June 15 when people were most searching about it.