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Exo Next Door:-Sanda, Uri Yeobjibe Eksoga; illuminated. The 2015 South Korean web series starring Moon Ga-young and members of the K-pop boy band Exo (with the latter portraying fictionalized versions of themselves is Exo Lives Next Door to My Home. With 50 million views, Exo Next Door became one of the most successful web series in Korea, which led to CJ E&M re-editing it into a film version, which was then sold at the 68th Cannes Film Market to overseas buyers. On April 9th, the online drama “EXO Next Door” premiered to great fanfare. The first episode of the show, less than 15 minutes long, drew an enormous audience response. 5 million viewers tuned in to the first episode within 12 hours of its debut, according to a report from MyDaily.

‘EXO Next Door’ is broadcast through LINE, Naver TV and the iQIYI Chinese video service. The show was broadcast officially to fans in 9 countries in Asia, including Korea, China and Japan. EXO Next Door’ coincides with EXO’s successful comeback to become the best-selling K-pop act on the Billboard chart, which recently smashed the record set by Big Bang. The youthful group has surpassed critics’ expectations, demonstrating their ability to bounce back efficiently from the departure of former EXO-M members Kris and Luhan.

*Exo next door Story:-

Ji Yeon-hee (Moon Ga-young) is a 23-year-old, highly reserved, introverted woman with zero dating experience and a tendency to blush while talking to someone she likes. One day, four young men came to Yeon-house hee’s right next door, and to her surprise, they turned out to be Chanyeol (Chanyeol Park), D.O. (Do Kyungsoo), from her favourite boy band Exo, Baekhyun (Byun Baekhyun) and Sehun (Oh Sehun), who are looking for a while to lay low. During the winter holidays, they employ her to clean their house part-time and that’s when Yeon-hee discovered that Chanyeol was her long-lost childhood friend and crush “Chan” and that he is the grandson of the owner of the house. As the tale progresses, Yeon-hee soon becomes involved in a triangle of love with Chanyeol and D.O.

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*Cast of Exo Next Door:-

Main Cast:-

Park Chan-yeol as Chanyeol

Jung Jae-hyuk as young Chanyeol

Moon Ga-young as Ji Yeon-hee

Han Seo-jin as young Ji Yeon-hee

Do Kyung-soo as D.O.

Byun Baek-hyun as Baekhyun

Oh Se-hun as Sehun

Supporting Cast:-

Jang Yoo-sang as Ji Kwang-soo

Kim Jong-in as Kai

Kim Jun-myeon as Suho

Kim Min-seok as Xiumin

Zhang Yixing as Lay

Kim Jong-dae as Chen

Huang Zitao as Tao

Kim Hee-jung as Yeon-hee’s mother

Jeon Soo-jin as Ga-eun

Yoon Joo-sang as Chanyeol’s grandfather

Jung Si-hyun as Min-hwan

*Exo next door dramacool:-

Ji Yeon Hee is a 23-year-old girl who hasn’t dated yet because when she’s near a good-looking guy, she blushes horribly and is totally paralysed. One day, four EXO members try to maintain a low profile and move into the house of one of the grandfathers of a member. It turns out however that the House of EXO Members is right in front of Yeon Hee’s house. The whole webseries can be watched on dramacool a website which provides free Watching.


There are two sides to this drama: EXO, first and the fans, and FRIENDSHIP, second. A must-watch here? Yeah, for all EXO lovers, fans of KPOP, fangirls and even fans of Korean drama. It is something that will send you warm heart vibes in each episode. In addition to dialogues, casts, members of the EXO, Moon Ga Young and others.

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