Everything you need to know about the Olympics 2021

Guess what else we missed in 2020? Yes, we have missed the Olympics. Crazy fun and having some less stressful days, that is what the Olympics use to did! So, if you are excited about the upcoming Olympics here we have all the information that you need to know about the Olympics 2021.

Well, we all know that how excited you are and I am especially for the Olympics to see what we are doing in our sports section and how much I am proud of few things because of this country. So let’s go and find out whatever is happening in the Olympics 2021!

When is where it is happening?

The very first thing that you need to know about the Olympics 2021 is that it is happening in Tokyo and from July 23 to August 8. Every Olympics give the chance to the host city to serve the best and show its best by organising such a huge events.

The dates of the event are as same as they were in 2020. In 2020 the events began on the 24th of July and ended on the 9th of August but because of the pandemic, nothing of that happened. But now in 2021 when we are feeling that we made a lot last year and things are getting normal, Olympic is back again with the same dates and more.

The new National Stadium is well just near the old Stadium and it is as great as the old Stadium was. It is in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. Japanese architect Kengo Kuma design the national Stadium and design it in a way of  Edo-period temples. Well just reading this makes me feel like I want to go to Tokyo but well the reality.


About the tickets for Olympics 2021.

The prizes for the Olympics differ but we have lesser down everything that you might know about the prices:-

The ticket range starts from  $40 (the beach volleyball preliminaries) to just over $1,100 (the track and field medal competition), with many priced from $100 to $300. 

There are all the different packages if you want to go in a group or a bundle, in this package you may found the transportation and VIP hospitality passes, the prices for that started from $4,800 and top out at over $19,000. This is for one person. There are also some simple packages which include VIP hospitality passes and tickets, this starts from 1,200 to $1,700 each.

The tickets begin to start selling in 2020. So anyone who is not residing in Japan has to buy the tickets from a reseller just like in the USA you have to buy the Olympics tickets from Cosport. At this moment many hall tickets of co sports have been sold out but you are left, you can go and check it out

Sports in the Olympics 2021









canoeing, and


And accept all the games 33 more games are part of the Olympics 2021. So from July, the Olympics will start and there will be some interesting fun Sports news that we can see. Let’s hope that the Olympics happened this year and we will have some fun in our lives.