E ChallanStatus: Pay Challan Online, & Overview

India is considered to be a vast country. There are lots of rules made regarding the traffic problem. To solve this problem there were many outcomes which were carried out by the Government. Among them, one was an E challan. In India when a person breaks traffic rules he/she is handed over tickets which are probably known as manual traffic police challan, that mentions the violation and penalty for not following the traffic rules and regulations.

E-challan is considered to be an electronic format of challan. It initiates the technology for increased road safety and to curtail corporation. It is a vehicle E-challan which was being introduced and is a computer-generated challan used by the Traffic Police. And it is being issued to the traffic defaulters of India. The Governmenindia India has made this process to make traffic services, easy as well as transparent to the general public.
Also, this E-challan system makes it easier for the traffic police in helping to monitor traffic violators. And because of E-challan which is an electronic form made it easier to pay challan either online or offline, depending on the facility given by there Stare Government.

An E-challan system has been introduced to stop corruption and also to introduce avoid cash transactions and because of that everything is very clear and easy. The Government of India has also introduced Traffic echallan which is an application and which is combined with web portal application, and they are namely “Vahan and Sarathi”. These two are the application of echallan which offers many benefits and features whose main aim is to cover all the main aspects of the Administration System
*Traffic Violation for which you might get echallan.

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The following are the reasons for which you might get E-challan.

• Drunk and drive
• Drive without a valid license
• Drive without valid insurance policy
• Refuse to share information asked to the traffic police
• Not obeying traffic rules
• No seat belt
• Not wearing a helmet
• Inappropriate parking
• Overcrossing red-light.
• Traveling without valid tickets.
• Over speed, crossing the specific speed limit.
• Driving with unauthorized vehicle
• Causing traffic obstruction.etc..

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*How to pay challan online:-

The process of paying challan online is mentioned below-

Step 1:- Go to the official website of the respective State transport website. For example, West Bengal transport has the official website:- http://transport.wb.gov.in/Is the website where you can pay the charges when you live wherever in West Bengal.

Step 2:- There you need to choose the option of paying violation fines for the appropriate offense like charges for no parking, not wearing a seat belt, not wearing a helmet, and many others.

Step 3:-fill the appropriate detail related to which offense and fill the details accordingly.

Step 4:- Now the Candidate has to fill the vehicle registration number and also parking violation label number etc, if whether this information is known to you.

Step 5:- Feel the details and enter the present unsettled amount

Step 6:- You can pay your challan through debit card or credit card by providing the necessary details of the card, and validate it through a random Captcha code.

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Step 7:– The applicant needs to click on the submit option in order to proceed further.

Step 8:- Now your payment is done and you will get your receipt of payment of the same.

Step 9:- You can also make payment of echallan through e-wallets like Paytm as well.

Step 10:- After the payment is successfully done now you will receive an SMS confirming about your payment for the vehicle E-challan.