Dragon Prince: Release Date for Season 4 on Netflix

Netflix has renewed Dragon Prince for the fourth season. Read below to know when will the
anticipated season as well as the characters that will feature in this season and much more:

Dragon Prince: Release Date for Season 4

The announcement for Dragon Prince being renewed by Netflix for their fourth season along
with the whole saga was confirmed by the show’s co-creator Aaron Ehasz last year at the
virtual event of Comic-Con.

Dragon Prince: Release Date for Season 4 on Netflix

The proclamation for the fantasy series to return for their ‘entire saga’ which consisted of a
The whole seven arc season was unveiled at the SDCC 2019.

Ehasz alongside Justin Richmond mentioned that the fourth season of Dragon Prince is likely
to be titled ‘Earth’ and will soon begin with a new chapter of the series that has been named
‘The Dragon Prince: Name Withheld’ will comprise two seasons for the time being.

Subsequently, they will release another two-more-season-chapter which will conclude the
saga entirely.

When the news came about, many thought that it was just a strategic marketing move to viral
the news of the renewed season. However, after the fans launched with the hashtag

give us the saga, the makers might have finally been convinced that we are anxiously waiting

For Dragon Prince to return, and in response to that Netflix eventually gave in.

Dragon Prince: Release Date for Season 4 on Netflix

Besides that, the makers of the series have remained tight-lipped about the premiere date of
the computer-animated streaming television show’s fourth season. Not to be upset though
since they have raised the stakes as they stated that ‘the new seasons will be worth the wait!’
Currently, no trailer for the fourth season of Dragon Prince has been made released yet but it
may drop this year in May.

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Dragon Prince: Cast and Characters for Season 4

While no official announcement has been made about the cast and characters that will happen
in the fourth season of Dragon Prince, we are expecting the series lead characters, Callum,
Ezran and Rayla to feature in the upcoming season who will be voiced by Jack DeSena,
Sasha Rojen and Paula Burrows respectively.

Other than that, Jesse Inocalla, Racquel Belmonte, Luc Roderique, and Jason Simpson will
also possibly be lending their voices as Soren, Claudia, King Harrow of Katolis, and Viren

Dragon Prince: The expected storyline of Season 4

Dragon Prince: Release Date for Season 4 on Netflix

As the third season of Dragon Prince left us hanging with many unanswered questions, the
fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth season to finally drop so they may seek the answers
they need.

The forthcoming fourth season of Dragon Prince will likely resume where it left it off in the
prior season with the epic battle. Also, we will witness a resurrected version of Viren.

Apart from that, the viewers will be seeing a number of conflicts between the humans and the
dragons since human beings have aided in a way to annihilate the dragon prince by damaging
the egg.

The storyline of the fourth season of Dragon Prince will mainly focus on the development of
Xadia and its kingdom along with a link between the Sunfire elves and Aaravos.