Looking couples ages 50 and over who have renewed their wedding vows


Isn’t it interesting to look at our parents who have been together for so many years? I’m sure it must have been a rough journey filled with ups and downs, good times and bad times yet here they are today WITH EACH OTHER!!!

So, to rejuvenate their happiness we have come to answer few most commonly asked questions that hold interest in this genre.


1.Why do you want to renew your vows?

Ans. Renewing the vows does not mean that the vow they had taken primarily has come to an end. In fact, this ideology adds more to the successful wedding. It can be visualized as one of the most beautiful way to celebrate their togetherness with some new vows in accordance to the modern situation to keep up their spirit high.

2. Was your decision related to the Covid pandemic? If so, why? If not, why not?

Ans. It depends from couple to couple. Some couple wanted to rejoice the family time they have got which was very less in the drudgery of routine work. Whereas some people do not fall to this. They just wanted to renew their own vows in just a mere form of celebration of their married life.

3. Did you not have the finances to have a “real” first wedding?

Ans. Wedding is such an event which completely includes the opinion of the 2 families who are ready to get along with each other. So, to spend money or not is completely their own decision.

4. Where there were family problems.


Ans. Family problems have nothing to do with the renewing of the vows. Renewing of the vows is one of the most positive outlooks even if the pandemic situation is considered.

5.Did you live far from your family and friends? Did you get pregnant and elope?

Ans. As per the statistics, some did live far away and some of them lived with their family.
Our topic holds very little response from the couples who eloped.

6.Did you have a small wedding and now want a large 2nd wedding to include more family and friends.

Ans. Actually, if it is seen properly then the 2nd wedding is looked upon as a form of celebration of the time, they have been together.

7.What did you include in your renewed wedding ceremony? What type of celebration did you have? How similar was this to your first-time wedding?
Ans. In the renewed wedding ceremony, there were honest confessions of what they have wronged in the past, and from the experience, they corrected their vows, and maximum of them have seen to be having an all-family celebration. The cost had also been kept in mind so it was less and mostly utilized.

8.What are some of the great things you did on this occasion?

Ans. Besides renewing the vows, there have been promises to fight against the tough time than against each other.