Shotgun Farmer Codes June 2021

Shotgun Farmer is a multiplayer shooting game. This game is very different from the normal shooting game. The interesting part of the game is as when you shoot someone and miss the shoot , a new gun is formed. Well fire the bullets in the ground to grow new ammo. The more time your ammo stays in the ground , more ammo you get to use.

Shotgun Farmer has a set of promo codes which helps in the game. These promo codes help you unlock badges, headgears and many more in game items. We have given a list of codes that are gathered from various sources. We will keep you updated with many such codes. Dive into the article to get all the latest codes.

How to Redeem Shotgun Farmer Codes?

To redeem the Shotgun Farmer Codes is a very simple process. Follow the steps and you can redeem the codes in no time.

Step 1 : Start the game, now go to the Main Menu.

Step 2: In the menu look for the Customize button, press on the button.

Step 3: In the Customize Menu, Press the Enter Code button.

Step 4: In the dialog box , enter the code .

Step 5:  Press the Submit button once you have entered the Code.

Shotgun Farmer Codes (Active Codes)

We have divided all the codes according to its list. All the codes are active and can be used in the game. Redeem various in game items with the help of the codes. Make sure you always use active codes and not expired codes.

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Shotgun Farmer Codes (Items)

  • z0mbear unlocks a z0mbear headgear.

Shotgun Farmer Codes (Profile Badges)

  • tiktokoink: This code helps you to unlock a pig profile badge i.e. I am Oink Oink.
  • tiktokbok: This code helps you to unlock a chicken profile badge. i.e. I am Bok Bok
  • tiktokkaw: This code helps you to unlock a crow profile badge. i.e. I am Kaw Kaw.
  • tiktokmoo: This code helps you to unlock a cow profile badge. i.e. I am Moo Moo).
  • tiktokneigh: This code helps you to unlock a horse profile badge. i.e. I am Neigh Neigh.

Shotgun Farmers (Badges)

  • Carrocket: 250 Carrocket Launcher Kills
  • Candy Cane: 20 Winter Matches Played
  • Cornstalker: 5 Horde Waves Survived
  • Bombkin: 1 Halloween Match Played
  • Survivor: 1 Horde Wave Survived
  • Snowman: 5 Winter Matches Played
  • Juggstalker: 30 Horde Waves Survived
  • Santa Hat: 1 Winter Match Played
  • Anniversary 2018: 1 Anniversary Match Played
  • Anniversary 2019: 1 Anniversary Match Played
  • Bun Bun: 20 Easter Matches Played
  • Wolf Hunter: 32 Horde Waves Survived
  • Master Survivor: 50 Horde Waves Survived
  • Pumpkrow: 10 Halloween Matches Played
  • Christmas Tree: 1 Winter Match Played
  • Gift Box: 10 Winter Matches Played
  • Mistletoe: 15 Winter Matches Played

We hope that we have given you enough information about the Codes. Stay in touch with us to be updated about various promo codes in the game.