Canada Day: Know Everything about Canada Day

July 1st Every year is celebrated as Canada Day in the country of Canada. The day every year is a federal statutory holiday that celebrates the anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. Canadian people observer this day as Canada’s birthday. And thus this day is celebrated as a festival in with great shows and lots of fun.

Initially, Canada Day was called Dominion Day. The reason behind it was that Canada became a kingdom with its own right under the British Empire. Slowly and gradually Canada started gaining political control and made its own governance and became independent. Since then 1st July every year is observed as Canada Day to pay tribute to the people involved in the freedom struggle.

In the article, we will understand the history of Canada Day. And also understand why Canada is celebrated. Dive into the article to understand everything about Canada Day.

What is the History of Canada Day?

To understand why Canada Day is celebrated we need to go back in time.   It all began with Canadian Confederation when it occurred on 1st July 186. There was Constitution Act that was passed that united three different colonies viz Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and got under a single domain under the British Empire and was called Canada.

In a simpler language, the passing of the act gave the people of the country the power to have their own Canadian Constitution.  Thus, it became a national milestone in the country’s freedom struggle.  As time went by there were many changes that were made in the constitution. That gave Canada as a country more political power and they started their own governance.


 The backbone of the freedom struggle and Canada’s Formation  is all the country stands for. And thus, they celebrate Canada celebrates  Canada Day.

What are the celebrations and importance of Canada Day?

 As we discussed earlier that Canada Day marks a national milestone in the freedom struggle of the country.  The day becomes more important as it signifies Canada’s spirit of patriotism. Canada Day is observed as a national holiday in the country. The main aim behind celebrating the day is to show the national pride of the country and the creation of Canada.

The initial celebration of the day began with events like ringing the bell at the Cathedral Church of St. James in Toronto. Later there are bonfires, illuminations, and fireworks. Also, they have military displays and various musical entertainments.

There are many public gatherings, carnivals, parades, and many more public events. Over the years Canada Day is celebrated as a festival in the whole country, where people have a lot of fun. Canada has its own musical band name RCMP Musical Ride that performs equestrian drills all around Canada.

How was Canada Celebrated in Pandemic?

As the world is going through a global pandemic, celebrations for Canada Day happened virtually. People throughout Canada enjoyed virtually fireworks with the performance of various Canadian artists.

Also, Canada day time will offer the people a virtual tour of the celebrations all over Canada. In addition to that, there will be an Evening Show that will be a special edition of Canada’s Annual Iconic Celebration. We should all keep the spirit of national pride high even in these tough times. We can wish each other and celebrate Canada Day at our homes by connecting to our loved ones virtually for the celebrations.