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The best Android app and Games 2020-21

The best Android games currently available

List of The best Android games.

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Bridge constructor

The best Android app and Games 2020

It is a game to find new ways to use weird tech to bridge gaps. This is done all while listening to the original voice of GLaDOS. There are around 60 chambers to bridge. Thus it will be great to experience this game.

Game Dev Tycoon 

The best Android app and Games 2020

A game where you create your own games sounds, but don’t let that put you off. It puts you in the shoes of a lowly ’80s game developer, coding in their garage.

Flipping Legend

The best Android app and Games 2020

There is always a recommendation that you must watch the trailer to get an idea of how the game executes. But simply put, Flipping Legend — whether legendarily or not — through levels, taking out enemies and earning gold.

Monster Legends

The best Android app and Games 2020

This android game actually got more in common with the other game named noughties juggernaut Neopets . Build your menagerie, adding a range of different creatures and train them up to become the best.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the arena battler that will monopolize all your free time. This game is based on characters and minions which are taken from Clash of Clans.

Marvel Strike Force

The best Android app and Games 2020

The theme of this game is: something is attacking the Earth or the Earth is in danger, it is your responsibility to defeat your opponents. It is a game that challenges you to collect all of your favorite heroes and then marshall them into a team and then upgrade them.

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Boris and the Dark Survival 

The best Android app and Games 2020

 This game includes Fans of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It will recognize his cartoon companion, Boris the wolf. It is basically a tricky survival horror. You’ll need to guide Boris through the eerie studio staying one step ahead of the Ink.

Call of Duty: Mobile

This game is known as one of the biggest FPS franchises around comes to mobile with a game deliberately designed for touchscreen firefights — Call of Duty: Mobile. If you love your shooter action, then this is a must on your Android phone.

Shadowgun Legends

The best Android app and Games 2020

 This game is great if you love action. This game has a neon-lit central hub and is a hive of activity. It comprises a bar, stores, a casino, and lots of shady characters who can give you missions.

The best Android apps

With each passing year, we are left more in awe of what our smartphones are capable of and in turn the apps that help make them great.


It is the biggest social media network on the planet. It has a decent official app. Keep in touch with your friends and family. We can jump into instant chats, and stay informed with push notifications. 


YouTube’s mobile app is sleek and intuitive, bringing the entirety of the video-sharing site to the palm of your hand. 


Twitter is the best place to be if you like to be on top of the latest breaking news as it happens. Follow your favorite content creators, actors, or crazes, and follow all the news personalities.

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Google Opinion Rewards

It’s the Play Store’s best-kept secret. It’s a secret you should know about properly. Google Opinion Rewards is exactly what it appears like. This app gives you rewards for your opinions. 


Netflix is just one of the best video-streaming services. There are a huge selection and variety of movies and TV shows for subscribers and the performance is silky smooth and comfortable.


The best Android app and Games 2020

 Disney+ is the only place to go if you’re looking for anything from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, or National Geographic. This app allows you to stream everything from the latest Avengers blockbuster to those weird Disney Channel programs which we used to watch in childhood.

Music and audio


Spotify is basically the first name that emerges to our mind whenever you think about music. Therefore for a very good reason — it’s probably one of the best streaming services out there.

Google Play Music

It is Google’s official streaming service. It is a perfect competitor to Spotify. The app provides a vast library of content. It also allows users to upload up to a huge number of their own songs for online storage.


The New York Times

America’s most popular publications. It also has one of the best news apps. It allows users to customize their newsfeed. It comes to us with breaking news alerts to bring you the biggest news as it happens around the world.



It brings you all the latest touchdowns, goals, information scores, and home runs as they happen around us. This app keeps you updated about every sports current affair.

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CBS Sports

CBS Sports app offers us the latest news, standings, and scores for all major league sports. You can also watch live games. You can also watch events like NCAA basketball. You can also watch PGA Tour, as well as CBS Sports original programming, like Fantasy Football Today.

Social media


This is an app which is nowadays seen on every phone. It is owned by Facebook. This social network centered on photos offers great filters and connectivity with other people.

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