Sports is such a thing which unites everyone. For sports fans missing their favorite match is a big loss. And it becomes more difficult when your network provider doesn’t have those channels covered in your pack. But we have got you covered, as now you can stream all your live sports in action on STREAM2WATCH.


STREAM2WATCH is one of the safest and secure sites to watch live streaming of sports. The site is an online open-source for many channels, especially for sports channels. It covers channels like HBO, CNN, FOX, ABC, etc. You can watch sports like Hockey, NBA, Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, etc on the site.

The site is user-friendly with good visual and audio quality. As we said the site is secured so do not worry about any data or information leak. The site only lacks behind as it uses a flash player to play its video. Due to various reasons, the site will not be accessible for everyone.

So here is the list of sites that can be used as an alternative for live Streaming of Sports:


Sportstream is an online sports streaming platform. The platform provides all the ongoing matches and all the events related to sports.  Sportstream is the cherry on the top for all sports lovers as they would always be connected to live sports at all times.

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The most amazing thing about Sportstream is that it does not have any geographical restrictions over the live streaming of sports. This feature makes Sportstream a global streaming platform.


To watch all the live-action of sports and shows from the FOX network start streaming on FoxGo for all the action. The website includes channels like FS1, FS2, Fox College Sports, Fox Deporters, and many more. The Website also offers mobile applications for both Android and iOS. So now you can stream your favorite sports from anywhere. FoxGo is free for use once you create an account.


WiziWig is your one-stop for enjoying the live streaming for your favorite sports channels. It is a feature of LIVE radio which only a few sites have. WiziWig doesn’t require creating an account to access the site. It is user-friendly for the streaming service. As it is available free around the world, you can just simply go to WiziWig and enjoy your sports without any limitations.

You can also download the mobile application of Wiziwig . The application will help you fast streaming sports anytime, anywhere.

VIP League-

Though its names suggest VIP doesn’t misguide yourself. VIP League gives access to everyone throughout the world without even creating an account. It has a wide variety of sports which you can stream like football, Golf, Darts, Tennis, and many more. In the upper right corner of the site, you will find a menu that helps you explore all the different sports.  Compared to many other streaming platforms VIP League has less advertisement. And also the advertisement it has are harmless.

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If you are a person who likes to watch high-quality live sports streaming then CrackStreams will get you through it. The benefit of Crackstreams is it will not annoy you with pop-ups and advertisements.  It is supported on all devices.  Crackstream offers several live streaming of sports like football, baseball, basketball, Boxing, MMA, UFC, etc.  It also covers NFL Preseason, Season, and also the Playoffs.


This platform is for cricket lovers. The website mainly focuses on the live stream of cricket matches. The streaming of the matches is done in different languages. But the best quality streaming is with English. One can find the list of TV channels on the left side of the website.  All the channels that are available in the list are streamed free of cost. The website can also be used to watch other sports like Football, Hockey, Basketball, and many more.


Free Tv will provide you with hundreds of shows all for free. The site doesn’t even ask a single penny for the subscription. The interface of the website is also very simple and easy to use.  The website also gives you access to premium channels.  So now you don’t have to worry about your network plans.


Though the interface of the website seems boring. Yet the website has a lot of content that you can stream on.  It streams games like rugby, football, cricket, handball, F1 racing, and many more. You simply have to click on the category and all the available shows under the category will be seen.


Batman Livestream-

The best alternative to stream2watch is Batman Livestream. The site streams all the sports from racing to football. Watching your favorite sports is now as easy as turning pages of a book.  The video streaming on the websites is of high quality.  The additional feature that the website has is the chat feature. In this feature, you can live chat with people during the live streaming of a game.

Stop Stream-

Stop Stream is the gem in the list of live streaming websites. The website will provide you with the best links for your sports live streaming. It is a one-stop for all the global sports happening in any part of the world.  Channel Surf is partnered with the website so you can have reliable sources.

These were some of the best alternatives for Stream2Watch. But one can also stream their favorite sports from the following sites if any of the above-mentioned doesn’t work.

Sport Lemon







NOTE: For some sites mentioned one may have to use a VPN to have secured connections.

Now as you have all the best websites to stream all your favorite shows and sports now you can sit back and relax. Grab your favorite dish, call your friends and enjoy the live streaming.