How to Run SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Services

SAP HANA on AWS SAP HANA is an Associate in-memory electronic information service and application platform that has superior analytics and period processing.

The AWS Cloud provides a set of infrastructure services that change you to deploy SAP HANA during an extremely out there, fault-tolerant, and reasonable manner. By deploying this answer on the AWS Cloud, you’ll make the most of the practicality of SAP HANA beside the pliability and security of AWS. 

How to Run SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Services

This fast begin helps you quickly deploy absolutely practical SAP HANA systems on the AWS Cloud, following best practices from AWS and SAP.

The fast begin ensures that Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, and therefore the operational system—SUSE UNIX Enterprise Server (SLES) or Red Hat Enterprise UNIX (RHEL)—are optimally organized to attain the most effective performance for your SAP HANA system right out of the box. 

This fast begin supports the R3, R4, R5, and X1 instance families also as Amazon EC2 High Memory instances with half dozen TB, 9 TB, 12 TB, 18 TB, and twenty-four TB of memory, to spice up the performance of large-scale, memory-intensive SAP HANA workloads on AWS

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How to Run SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Services

AWS Services

The core AWS elements utilized by this fast begin embody the subsequent AWS services. If you’re new AWS, see the obtaining Started section of the AWS documentation

Amazon VPC The Amazon Virtual personal Cloud (Amazon VPC) service helps you to provision a non-public, isolated section of the AWS Cloud wherever you’ll launch AWS services and alternative resources during a virtual network that you just outline. you’ve got complete management over your virtual networking atmosphere, as well as a choice of your own informatics address vary, creation of subnets, and configuration of route tables and network gateways.


Amazon EC2 The Amazon Elastic work out Cloud (Amazon EC2) service permits you to launch virtual machine instances with a spread of operational systems. you’ll make a choice from existing Amazon Machine pictures (AMIs) or import your own virtual machine pictures. 

How to Run SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Services

Automatic recovery Automatic recovery could be a feature of Amazon EC2 that’s designed to extend instance convenience. you’ll change automatic recovery for Associate in an instance by making Associate in Amazon CloudWatch alarm that monitors Associate in Amazon EC2 instance Associate in mechanically recovers the instance if it becomes impaired because of an underlying hardware failure or a retardant that needs AWS involvement to repair.

A recovered instance is just like the initial instance, as well as the instance ID, personal informatics addresses, Elastic informatics addresses, and every one instance data. This fast begin optionally permits automatic recovery on SAP HANA nodes for you.

 • Amazon east by southAmazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) provides persistent block-level storage volumes to be used with Amazon EC2 instances within the AWS Cloud.

Every Amazon east by south volume is mechanically replicated among its convenience Zone to guard you against element failure, giving high convenience and sturdiness. Amazon east by south volumes gives the consistent and low-latency performance required to run your workloads. 

AWS CloudFormationAWS CloudFormation provides you a simple thanks to producing and manage a set of connected AWS resources, Associate in the provision, and update them in an orderly and foreseeable manner.

You employ a guide to explain all the AWS resources (e.g., EC2 instances) that you just need. you do not have to be compelled to one by one produce and assemble the resources or puzzle out dependencies—AWS CloudFormation handles all of that.

 • Amazon CloudWatch – Amazon CloudWatch monitors your AWS resources and therefore the applications you run on AWS in real-time. you’ll use CloudWatch to gather and track metrics, collect and monitor log files, set alarms, and mechanically react to changes in your AWS resources. 

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NAT entry – NAT entry is Associate in Nursing AWS managed service that controls NAT entry resources.

A NAT entry could be a variety of network address translation (NAT) device that allows instances during a personal subnet to attach to the net or to alternative AWS services, however, prevents the net from connecting to those instances. 

IAM – AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permits you to firmly manage access to AWS services and resources for your users. With IAM, you’ll manage users, security credentials like access keys, and permissions that management that AWS resources users will access, from a central location. 

AWS LambdaAWS Lambda (IAM) could be a serverless work out service that runs your code in response to events and mechanically manages the underlying work out resources for you. you’ll use AWS Lambda to increase alternative AWS services with custom logic or produce your own back-end services that operate at AWS scale, performance, and security.

AWS Lambda will mechanically run code in response to multiple events, like HTTP requests via Amazon API entry, modifications to things in Amazon S3 buckets, table updates in Amazon DynamoDB, and state transitions in AWS Step Functions.