Apple Will Reportedly Team Up With Martin Scorsese on a $180 million Movie

Director Martin Scorsese’s next big flick will reportedly have Apple’s backing after teaming up with Netflix last year for The Irishman. All say that Apple is in final negotiations with Paramount to jointly back Killers of the Flower Moon, a period crime drama with a $180 million-plus budget, and attached star names including Robert de Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline. It depicts an investigation into the murders of Osage Nation natives during the early 1920s in Oklahoma, based on a book of the same name.

They had been made rich by profit-sharing from oil reserves on their property, and ultimately goals. The Bureau of Investigation ‘s subsequent inquiry found systemic corruption among local officials, just as the agency started to morph into its current state as the FBI. For Apple, after purchasing Tom Hanks’ WWII naval drama Greyhound, the contract is another major film signing, and theoretically carries an even higher profile. Apple will finance the project as its own original film, according to the sources, while Paramount will handle distribution for the worldwide theatrical release.

This is far from the first tie-up between the director and Apple. He remotely directed a shot in The Departed through iChat before the days of social distancing, and even appeared in an ad for Siri, her AI voice assistant. And now Scorsese is seeking homes for some of his more expensive innovations as big-budget streaming operations are searching for prestigious one.


According to the reports, Apple will fund the project as its own original film, while Paramount will handle distribution for the global theatrical release.

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