Apple introduces AirPods Max- a 2021 gift.

Before 2020 ends here’s a gift from Apple, it launches Airpods Max. Apple is a big Tech company that recently launch iPhone 12. We have seen the craze to have products is very high and there are so many reasons behind it.

Apple is really famous and everyone has some craze for its products, not just the iPhone but every product from airpods to Mac. In every friend group, there is one person who is a big fan off of Apple products and somehow we all want one Apple product with us.

Why apple products so famous?

After the launch of Apple, it is becoming a well-known company. Not because of the well-defined product itself but because of the quality and features it provides. You may have known that some features are very exclusive to iOS. These exclusive features make Apple products more exclusive.

If you are thinking about what exclusive features we are talking about let’s take an example of Instagram. If you are an Android user you may have seen people putting so many photos in one story you can download any application for it but for iOS users, it’s just a copy-paste thing.

So, iOS has features that Android does not have a Which makes it really exclusive. This is also one of the reasons that people are very crazy about Apple products. Not just they want to show off Apple but also some people genuinely like the features that IOS and Apple provide.

airpods max

About Airpods

Recently Apple launches AirPods Max. It has an over-ear noise reduction feature so even if someone is saying anything to you even loudly you won’t be able to hear it. So this means cutting out all the bullshit around you. With this new launch, Apple has incorporated the magic.

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Airpods is available in five different colors, space grey, silver, sky blue, green, and pin. Go and check it out. The price for airports is 59,990 and you can order it online. If you are a big Apple fan this is the best product.

AirPods Max combines custom H1 chips, acoustic design, and advanced software to power computational audio with great experience, for breakthrough listening with an Adaptive EQ, Transparency Mode, Active Noise Cancellation, and spatial audio.

air pods max

If you want to buy new headphones or report for yourself as a New Year gift and really interested in buying something for the long-term AirPods Max is something you should consider. This hair was not even just look comfortable they are supremely good for years and not really very heavy. The over-ear headphone comes with a slim, soft Smart Case that puts AirPods Max in an ultralow-power state that helps to maintain battery charge when it is not in use.

Battery life for these AirPods is around 20 hours which can be really good for those who constantly use any headphones or earphones. This can cost you a little but they can be for the long term.