Apna Khata: Objectives, website details, Lease Land Details

Apna Khata lease land process program launched in the year of 1995-1996 to provide online service for simple and easy maintenance of records of land. This article provides complete information to know about the Apna Khata lease land process.

The main motive of it is to know detailed information about lease land, transfer of ownership, legal charges, natural disasters, also irrigation. The software is working successfully in about 42665 villages of Rajasthan

Apna Khata lease land process or the Rajasthan Bhu Abhilekh is a scheme of Rajasthan Government which works under the Department of Revenue in Ajmer.

The Apna Khata scheme is made and designed by the National Informatics Center (NIC) and gives every citizen the records of rights in India. The NIC is working hard on the ApnaKhata project and provides the facility to know Rajasthan Online records also Nakal information.

The Objectives: (Apna Khata)

1. The main objective of the scheme of computerization of land records is to provide information about ownership of land, plotwise details, and the issue of timely, as well as, accurate copies of land records, at low cost, with least inconvenience to the concerned clients.

2. In addition, this scheme of computerization proved helpful in providing appropriate information regarding land revenue. It also helped in preparing emergency plans, particularly during natural calamities, such as floods, famine, and droughts, etc.

3. The storage of information in the computer system is also easy to access and is helpful in maintaining a geographical information system. The information stored in the computer system is also helpful in dealing with land-related conflicts/disputes immediately and more efficiently.

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Apna Khata Website:

1. In addition to Tehsil and District level computerization of land records, in order to computerize and make available and provide the requisite information pertaining to land records to people at large, the Apna Khata website is also made available on the Internet.

2. After compilation of data and its entry into the computer system, the requisite data and information pertaining to ROR are placed on State Server of NIC for easy accessibility and availability of data for viewing by the interested persons on the Internet. The site address pertaining to land records, RORand related issues with the computerization of land records is- http://apnakhata.raj.nic.in.

3. Advantages of Apana Khata System Implementation of the project of computerization of land records has been a great landmark in the history of revenue administration.

4. Record of Rights (ROR) and the data pertaining to ownership of lands and other related land documents has become more systematic and scientific today, on account of computerization of land records.

5. As a result, the instant availability of certified copies of land records has become possible. As a result, updated copies of RORcan be generated immediately as per the convenience of the concerned clients.

6. In a nutshell, it can be said that this project of land record computerization has helped in the organization, upkeep, maintenance, and storage of land records in a better way.

On account of this system better networking and interaction with other departments has become more easy and convenient. This method of storage, processing, and public delivery of data has resulted in increasing the free flow of information. The citizens’ right to information has also got due recognition and honor because of this system

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Apna Khata: Lease Land Details

Technological Aspects of APNA KHATA:

The following components and parameters are indicative of the technological aspects of the Apna Khata 5.0 software version.

1. ASP Network Framework 2.0

2. Internet Information Server

3. Crystal Report 10.0

4. UNICODE Compliance (On Fly Conversion and Deconversion of reports & database)

5. Data Storage format in ISCII-8 bit GIST technology 6. Component & Module based development

6. The Easy portability of reports as they generated in .pdf format

Getting Lease Land of Apna Khata:

Forgetting the details of the Apna Khata raj, you need to visit the official website of Apna Khata i.e. www.apnakhata.raj.nic.in. You will get all duplicate copies of ROR, land records. With the following process, you will get all the information online:

•The First thing to do is to log on to the official website of Apna Khata i.e. apnakhata.raj.nic.in.

•Check the option “Apna Khata” in Hindi font and click on it.

•Complete map of Rajasthan appears before you.

•Mention your district and enter to district map.

• Now select the Tehsil for which need a ROR.

•Web page will appear with a title, “village- Patwar Mandal Bhu Abhilash Niri Britt (Sanwat)”

•Also, Select the year for which you want to get Jamabandi. You may get Jamabandi for two years one for ‘Gat’ and another is for ‘Chalu’. That means previous and the current year respectively.

•Get a complete list of all the villages and select the name of your village.

•The details can obtain from “Sanvat-2066 to 2071”.

•Then, Select the name of the village and enter the Nakal page.

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•Mark that option in which you want to get your Nakal. There are 4 possible options: with all Khata, with name Khata.

• After you have selected any one of the above-mentioned options, you will get the Nakal of the village through Rajasthan Land Records.