Apaharan web series is a Hindi series of action-thriller genre which is directed and produced by Siddharth Sen Gupta.  It is a 2018 year web series that can be watched on the ALT Balaji platform on video demand. The series is set in the current or present times which revolves around kidnapping, suspense, mystery, and never-ending action.

The series is available for streaming on the ALT Balaji application and associated websites since its release. The story involves the story of Rudra Srivastava an inspector of Uttarakhand police who is forced into kidnapping a girl named Anusha at her mother’s request.  The story starts with a simple plan to extort money in exchange for Anusha. The series consists of crime, thriller, mystery, suspense with action and comedy scenes.  The Apaharan is based on the 70s era with the feel of nostalgia, great suspense, and mystery involved.  The story follows the story of a cop Rudra who is falsely accused and ends up in jail for 3 years. The story is all about the mystery of the murder of a kidnapped girl.


  • Arunoday Singh as Rudra Srivastav
  • Mahie Gill as Madhu / Malini
  • Monica Chaudhary as Anusha Tyagi
  • Nidhi Singh as Ranjana Srivastava
  • Varun Badola as Laxman Saxena
  • Saanand Varma as Satyanarayana Dubey
  • Neha Kaul as Madhu Tyagi
  • Pawan Chopra as Commissioner
  • Ram Sujan Singh As Mishra
  • Surender Singh as constable Joshi
  • Sanjay Batra As Govind Tyagi
  • Nilesh Mamgain as Shukla
  • Snehil Dixit Mehra as Sadhu’s wife
  • Shweta Rajput as Ria the bride, Anusha’s friend

The series involves an action drama that features Arunoday Singh as the lead role of Rudra Srivastava. In the second lead, Mahie gill features the mother of an abducted girl and asks the Rudra to kidnap her daughter for ransom.  The action-drama series has 12 episodes and is exclusively available on Alt Balaji. The entire cast of the series showcases brilliant performances in the first season. The thriller web series with a kidnapping plot. The female character in the series has a strong character which adds a lot of substance to the series. Mahie’s gill in her character lefts a unique mark on the character played. An unfaithful wife character played by Nidhi Singh and Monica Chaudhary playing the character of the minister’s daughter in the first series of Apaharan.


The first season of the series features the story of Rudra Srivastava a senior police inspector who is forced to kidnap a girl named Anusha by the request of her own mother who plans this kidnap. Money extortion is the whole purpose or objective behind kidnapping the girl. Things go upside down when the Inspector gets arrested on the basis of corruption charges on him.  Apaharan is a complete crime thriller web series with a tinge of suspense and mystery with lots of action.  70s era is showcased in the series which looks real as a realistic look is provided to it by the makers of the series. An old typical kind of set-up builds, characters and their great, amazing acting makes it interesting which pushes its makers to create season-2 of the series.  The strong character line attracts the audience in its first season. The realistic,  fast-paced, and action-packed thriller series. One of the best thriller web series. The reallocation shooting gives it an element of authenticity.  Varun Badola ‘s character is shown negatively who is ruthless in nature and ables to keep the hold in the few episodes.

Apaharan series is full of twists and plots which makes it worth watching for the audience who love to watch action, thriller, mystery related content.  Every character in the series has a different role. Patience is required for watching the series as it takes time to have an interest in watching the series though it delivers entertainment.


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