Animaniacs Season 2 has its trailer out and what holds in the upcoming season

Say Hello, to Season 2 of Animaniacs and Hulu has officially released a trailer that has to make the fans go crazy. Well, who is better to thanks for the amazing show rather than The New York 2021 Comic-Con. The new look of the show teaser brings Yakko, Dot, and Wakko striking a Thundercat pose in the second phase of the show.

Well, we have got all the release date and what the trailer holds for us. The trailer is just a seek to peek at the amazing show. So, without any further delay let’s just get to know everything we know about the amazing show.

Animaniacs Season 2: Release Date

The great 80’s reboot of Animaniacs Season 2 will be released somewhere around the fall this year. The recording of the show’s episode started as soon as 2018. The show will release tentatively on 5th November. It will be released on Hulu and it will have in total of 13 episodes. No doubt the show is going to be extremely fun to watch.

Animaniacs Season 2 : All About the Trailer

The trailer will give you all the nostalgia from your beloved 80’s era. The show was actually aired in the year 1993 through 1995. And now Hulu is premiering the original show with a reboot. Just like the original show which leaned into pop-culture and adult humor reference. The reboot will give almost give the same indication that is what the trailer glimpses us about. The journey will continue through American Television.

The latest season of the show will follow the adventures of the Warner Siblings as they tear through the construction of pop culture and its history, and move through the fourth wall in the exploits.  In the journey, they will join the iconic duo of Brain and Pinky in the quest.


Animaniacs Season 2 : Voiceovers and The show Team

All the original voices from the show Animaniacs will return to the show.  Voices like Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Jess Harnell, and Tress MacNeille will be back and that is great news.  The show’s executive producer will be Steven Speilberg. Sam Register, the President of Warner Bros. will be the producer of the show. Justin and Darryl will also be the executive producer of the show.

Stay Tuned on Hulu Tv From November 5th to Watch all the new Episodes of the Animaniacs.