7 Seas is ready to announce two more unique games to the gaming world

7 Seas Entertainment Limited Hyderabad-based companies have now announced two new flagship mobile games. The games are produced under production games with unique advancement features.  The Hyderabad-based company is planning to launch the game worldwide which would result in maximum entertainment in Christmas Season. The company’s main focus will be on Esports and Gamified Learning in the gaming system.

Let’s understand what type of games that they are going to launch. Dive into the article to know more about the unique games that are going to be launched by 7 Seas Entertainment Private Limited.

Information about the games annouced by 7 Seas.

Treasure King

 The first game that is to be released is Treasure King. The game will have rich in-game content and updates. Also, the game will have many rewards. The game also brings connectivity to a larger player community. It is said that the game will have an extremely huge moving platform.

Treasure Hunt is going to be the player’s delight. As the game will take the players to the world of exciting adventures. The game will have a rich gaming experience that will be a proper combination of cool and full with action pack performance. So, for the players, this game is going to be a proper atmosphere of excitement.

 Shooting Game

The second game that they are announcing will be a part of AR (Augmented Reality). The game is to be titled Shooting Game.   In the game, there will be zombies attacking from all directions. The game has high photorealistic graphics. Additionally, the game has a high impact on combo-based shooting games.

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The growth of the mobile games will be unmatched and beyond said the company. The games will be available for free to play on freemium and paid-in app purchase models.

The company has worked tirelessly in the times of Covid 19 and provided the world with many different games. The company has constantly brought unique games and regular updates and rewards in the games. All the games that the company has provided have brought joy and a rich experience to the players.

   L Maruti Sanker, managing director of the company is of the view that the growth in mobile gaming will be unmatched and beyond expectations. The growth potential will be more with the influence of 56, Al, and VR. Providing significant inputs for his viewpoint he spoke about the report of Visual Capitalist Data Stream in the year 2020. The report shows that mobile gaming income accounts for more than 51% of total gaming revenue. In 2020 it was estimated to be 85 Billion dollars.

A major boost in the penetration of smartphones, lowered internet (with high speed at that) costs is expected to lead to massive growth in India’s mobile gaming market. The latest statistics of India Equity Research also project a bright picture of gaming as the fastest-growing M & E segment to surpass films by 2023.